Big Band Burghausen - Blue Truth

After the I went home with my new Blue Truth CD to check out how well it compared to what I had heard live (and to enjoy the music again). I must say (both on and off the record) that I really enjoyed the music on this CD. The music is clearly original but gives you the feeling that you are listening to something familiar, not exactly nostalgic, more bright and warmly optimistic, something for a brave new morning. Yes, bring back big band music. Bravo to Burghausen Big Band

Blue Truth CD by The Burghausen Big Band
Recorded 2008

Wolfgang PietschBand leader, Conductor - bass clarinet
Jan-Peter KlöpfelComposer, Arranger - flugelhorn

The Cha-Cha And The Blues
Morgennebel (Morning Mist)
Blue Truth
If I Could
Elevator's No Light
Silence Of Water
The Mirror
The Day

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